Pocket Scrapping | February 2015

Hey guys! I am back with another share of my Pocket scrapping catch up of last years. If you don't remember, I am just scrapping monthly for my pocket pages. It is the easiest most stress free way for me to do it. This means that some months might be just a regular old two page spread and others might be 6-8 pages today (2 for every week). It just depends on how much we do and if there are any big events, etc. I also think I will add in some special pages for birthday's, big trips, etc. It is working really well for me so far and I am really excited about it!

You can find my Project Life pages up top under "My Work". I will be working on my 2016 Project Life very very soon! I am super excited about getting a new printer so I can work hybrid again finally! HERE are my 2015 pages all in one spot if you would like to see them together.

On to February! January and February are seriously the slowest months ever here in Indiana. It's just so cold and I get so depressed in the Winter. I bought those sunlight light bulbs and things and this year has been a bit better, so hopefully my 2016 pages will have more photos! Here are my February spreads. The individual pages are linked for full credits!

Click for full credits
Click for full credits
Jasper is seriously the cutest ever right?! I can't handle how adorable he is! All of my kids are cuties. I am one super lucky mama! Also, we had watched Big Hero 6 and that is still one of my favorite Pixar movies!! All the feels!!!! I loved it so much and nee a Baymax of my very own!

I hope you like them! If you are on the fence about pocket scrapping or think it looks time consuming, it is so not! It is amazing and I am LOVING it! Never hesitate to hit me up if you need help or product recommendations or any questions about my process! I would be happy to help! I will see you soon!

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