Making a Template Your Own | Vol 2

Welcome back for another tip on how to make a template your own! I am so glad you are here!

As you saw last week, I am working the Circular Templates by Cornelia Designs this month. I so love Cornelia's templates because her style is similar to mine, but not exact. I still have a lot of freedom and wiggle room with her templates which is super fun!

My final page looked like this:

Last week, you saw how I shrunk the template to make it use a wee bit more white space like I normally do. That is always the first thing I do when using templates and adjusting them for my style. If you take one look at my page you might guess what tip two is! Rotate the template to fit your photos and kit! 

Once I have shrunk my layers, I simply click 1 little button and Voila! It already looks so so different! 

I don't love this though. First of all, it's definitely not centered, so that needs fixed STAT and the flow seems off with the circles to me. I would prefer for them not to feel like they are pointing down. I think that is just personal preference. I do not know of any design rules or anything that say that. Once you have been working digitally for long enough, I think you end up with things like that that either bother you or not.  So! After rotating, I am going to flip it up!

This looks so much better to me. I love the way my eye travels the page. It moves across more instead of down now.

So much better right?! It's coming along so well now. I have a vision and feel inspired! Hopefully you are feeling inspired as well! Let me know if you have any questions or comments! Come back next Monday for the next tip!! 

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