December Daily | An Update

As you have probably noticed I do not have any other December Daily photos or pics up yet. After the holidays, the week of New Years, the baby got roto virus! It was the worst, most disgusting bout of sickness ever. I so hope you guys don't have to deal with that if you haven't before!! It was a week of awfulness. It totally threw a wrench in my creating!

I did start on my album. As I was working on my pages, I decided i didn't like everything black and white like I thought I would. SO! I need to order some of the prints in color and order my last batch still. It is coming along though and I am so glad I am working on it, even at my snails pace. When it's done it's going to be lovely and I know that the children are going to love looking at it!

So this is my PSA to everyone who maybe has started but got side tracked and never finished, or never even started at all! Keep plugging away whenever you can! It will be worth it in the end and no one is judging your timeliness! We can do this!

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