December Daily Page Ideas

If you are like me, some days in December you just don't do much. The weather is bad. The sun never comes out. Sick has settled in and you just do not want to pick up your camera. It's possible you are feeling blue (see my previous post about the holiday blues) so you just do not want to do or photograph anything. I have been working on a list of page ideas for just such a day to help you fill in gaps when you go to put your album together.

December Daily | A Few Faves So Far

Great news everyone! My first batch of photos are on their way and my kit that was back ordered has been shipped as well! YAY! Hopefully next week I can start sharing my pages with you! Crossing my fingers they aren't awful. I am my super simple plan so I think it will come together quickly and easily once I get going! Luckily, I have been taking my photos daily so I feel prepared and not overwhelmed in the least which is surprising!

I thought I would pop in here real quick and share a little collage of 4 of my favorites so far. I decided to go black and white for all of my photos...mostly. I saw some awesome inspiration in Ali's December Daily Facebook group that I might incorporate for color photos. I'll share as I work on it! I also have been compiling a list of inspiration ideas for days you don't do much or don't get a photo. Come back in a day or two for that!

December Daily Title Page | Freebie

I have my title page done and ready to print with my first weeks of prints. YAY! I wanted to share with you all the template I made and used. I will try to put up a freebie regularly for everyone because I know there are many like me on super tight budgets but still wanting to be crafty and work on some albums!

December Daily | What I am Using

As promised, here are the products I am using for my December Daily album. I will start sharing pages as I have them, starting with a free cover page template. YAY! All of the products are linked to Becky Higgin's website when I could as that is the brand of products I mostly used. However, some of them were purchased at different places, which I will mention with each picture.

I found this adorable Project Life binder at Michaels when they were having a great sale. The colors don't scream traditional Christmas, but I immediately felt like it would be the PERFECT Christmas binder! I am in love with it so much that I kinda wish I had bought more to use for Project Life as well! 

My Super Crazy Simple Approach to December Daily

So, I am hesitant to write this, but here I go! I am only hesitant because it's only December 2nd and I haven't actually completed a December Daily album ever. I have always wanted to. The holidays are full of mixed feelings for me so I tend to get pretty blah about them. After the last few years full of icky in our life I decided this year was going to be full of family memories and Christmas magic. You saw my December calendar already with daily activities. This is kinda a loose calendar. I am doing something everyday, but some things might end up out of order depending on what I have on hand and what I have forgotten to buy. I am all about keeping things easy and low stress! I just want the kids to have fun because those tiny humans deserve it! So here is my approach to documenting these special days.