Scrapbooking Through the Holiday Blues

This time of year is one that most people associate with joy and happiness and all things lovely and sweet. For a lot of people, me included, it isn't just joy and happiness all season. It has a big of melancholy and even just sadness for whatever reason. Sometimes it's missing a lost loved one. Sometimes it's just the hustle and bustle being overwhelming. Honestly, sometimes there is just no rhyme or reason to it, and it just is. Truth is, it doesn't matter why you feel down or depressed. Unfortunately life doesn't stop for us though. The kids still want to bake. Presents still need to be bought. The Christmas tree still needs put up and decorated. So much to do!

25 Days of Christmas

Hey everyone! I am resurrecting this blog today to share with you our 25 days of Christmas activities! I figured it would be better to share early in case you want to create your own calendar and start planning your family activities! The things on the calendar are additional activities to the Anne Voskamp advent book...though I do agree with some reviews, that some of the stories are not completely accurate according the Bible, so I am on the fence about buying a new one (recommendations welcome!) or just looking at this as more of a story book with some good lessons thrown in.

So! Here is our December calendar and below it is a list of the days along with links if needed or wanted! Tuesday's are our family nights, so I put a movie down for each of those days.

Kit used is Christmas Cheer by Studio Flergs

Here is the list with all the links to the activities: