Hello | Updates

Hello there lovelies! Long time no see! My computer was slowly dying and I couldn't do anything. Every time I clicked a link, my computer froze. When I tried to open Photoshop Elements, it froze. Trying to open Lightroom?! Yeah right! SO! I am back with all new fresh equipment! New computer and a new printer and I am oh so happy! My old one was about 9 years old, so this new one seems so fancy and different. I always struggle with change, but I know that sometimes it's no only necessary, but works out for the best! 

This is the one that I got. It's not too crazy fancy or anything but it's much nicer than what I had before so I am really excited! Windows 10 is taking some time to get used to, but I like it!

I have started to work on my 2016 Project Life album and I am so excited about it! I decided to go with 9x12 and I think it's sooo much better! I can add a lot of photos but it's not quite as heavy or bulky. That 12x12 album was getting cumbersome to get in and out. The workspace of the 9x12 seems awesome. I can't wait to share with you all!

Also, I will have a new template freebie up next week. I have been rigorously downloading all my programs and things and transferring files, but I am getting there. Slowly but surely! I wanted to give you a super quick update and let you know that you will be seeing me much more! 

Pocket Scrapping | February 2015

Hello lovelies! I so hope you are all doing well! I wanted to pop in and share a couple more pages from my 2015 album pocket style! I am still really really loving this process. It is so fun and works so well for me! It has made me realize that I think working with digital cards for 2016 is going to be easiest for me. A printer will be coming home to me within the next week or two so I can get caught up and current! For now, I am still plugging away at last year and loving it so much!! 

Here are my February pages. Individual pages are linked to my gallery at The Lilypad for full linked credits.
Click for credits
Click for credits
I am still super in love with the black and whites against the colored cards and elements. I feel like it makes them stand out even more and gives them such a timeless look! February is another super cold and boring month here, so it is just another 2 page spread. March is already bigger so I am sure that throughout the Summer months when we are hiking and things, I am going to have to use 8 pages (4, 2 page spreads) so much more!

I hope you feel inspired! I used to be so scared of pocket scrapping and now I pretty much love it. I am for sure going to get these printed into a photo book. I have looked around at what would be the best, most cost effective way to do it and that is going to be the easiest and will be a lot of fun to look at I think. I will see you again soon! Get out there and create some more memories!

Photo Fun | Double Exposures

I am absolutely not a professional photographer. I wish that I was! I wish that I had the equipment of one as well. I am just a lowly stay at home mom, but thanks to my love of digital scrapbooking and memory keeping, taking better photos and having fun with photo editing has become a little hobby of mine. I thought maybe every now and again I would share some photo fun tips, techniques or tutorials. Sometimes these will be small things like a photo idea. Other times they might be an editing technique (like today!). All in all, I hope you enjoy them or they are a little bit helpful or inspire you to try some new things! I really want to encourage everyone who might come across this to take some time and document your memories with photos or stories or even both!

During the Month of Challenges @ The Lilypad in January, one of the challenges was to create a double exposure photograph and create a page with that. I had never thought about, tried or even really noticed this technique before then. HERE is the link to the challenge. I do not know how long it will be up but it has some super great info from my fellow Polly Farrah about doing double exposures! I thought that I would walk you through how I did my own. Which layer styles I used and all that jazz.