January Freebie

I am cutting it pretty close with this one, but I wanted to bring back the monthly freebies and I have January's all ready in the Freebies page! Be sure to check there regularly because I will get the freebies put there before I can get to blog posts about them.

If you are new around these parts, you might not know that I used to design templates for digital scrapbooking and sold them. These templates were almost always based after my own pages. I have always always always considered myself a scrapbooker and not a designer. I just never wanted to lose my momentum with pages and memory keeping. That's the kind of templates I offer as my freebies here on my blog as well. They are freebies based after my own pages and here is the first one for this year. I hope you like it!

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Pocket Scrapping Past Years | January 2015

So...I have been waffling back and forth with how to document past years and this current year. I think the family enjoys looking at the photos in a more clean and simple way as opposed to my more artsy regular scrapbooking style. Because of that I have been wanting to find a way to get the last few years at least done in a way that will be enjoyable for everyone! Enjoyable for me to create and and pleasing to look at from a design POV, because I do want it to look nice...and enjoyable for the family to look back and read the stories about. I *think* I have found my approach!

Making a Template Your Own | Vol 4

Today is the last day I will be talking about this one page. Are you all sick of seeing it yet?! I wanted to feature one page for the whole month, so that I could show you all how you really can take a template and change it so much! It didn't even take me a long time! The page came together in about 45 min. (not including photo editing). that's what I love about templates. They really do make my scrapbooking so much faster, even with a lot of modifications!

Making a Template Your own | Vol 3

Hello everyone! I hope you are all having a great January so far! January is by far my least favorite month. It is so cold and dreary here in Indiana. I am trying my very hardest to stay positive and uplifting though!

As you know, I am going through tutorials on how to make a template your own and we are ready for Volume 3. In case you have forgotten, I am working with Circular Templates by Cornelia Designs.

One of the first things You will notice about the template I use (Top left corner) is that it has 3 circle photo spots. For some reason, I struggle with circle photos. The angle of my pictures makes them hard sometimes. There really is no reason or excuse. Sometimes I just don't like the photo placements, sizes or shapes on a template. 

December Daily | An Update

As you have probably noticed I do not have any other December Daily photos or pics up yet. After the holidays, the week of New Years, the baby got roto virus! It was the worst, most disgusting bout of sickness ever. I so hope you guys don't have to deal with that if you haven't before!! It was a week of awfulness. It totally threw a wrench in my creating!

I did start on my album. As I was working on my pages, I decided i didn't like everything black and white like I thought I would. SO! I need to order some of the prints in color and order my last batch still. It is coming along though and I am so glad I am working on it, even at my snails pace. When it's done it's going to be lovely and I know that the children are going to love looking at it!

So this is my PSA to everyone who maybe has started but got side tracked and never finished, or never even started at all! Keep plugging away whenever you can! It will be worth it in the end and no one is judging your timeliness! We can do this!

Making a Template Your Own | Vol 2

Welcome back for another tip on how to make a template your own! I am so glad you are here!

As you saw last week, I am working the Circular Templates by Cornelia Designs this month. I so love Cornelia's templates because her style is similar to mine, but not exact. I still have a lot of freedom and wiggle room with her templates which is super fun!

Pocket Scrapping | February 2015

Hey guys! I am back with another share of my Pocket scrapping catch up of last years. If you don't remember, I am just scrapping monthly for my pocket pages. It is the easiest most stress free way for me to do it. This means that some months might be just a regular old two page spread and others might be 6-8 pages today (2 for every week). It just depends on how much we do and if there are any big events, etc. I also think I will add in some special pages for birthday's, big trips, etc. It is working really well for me so far and I am really excited about it!

You can find my Project Life pages up top under "My Work". I will be working on my 2016 Project Life very very soon! I am super excited about getting a new printer so I can work hybrid again finally! HERE are my 2015 pages all in one spot if you would like to see them together.

On to February! January and February are seriously the slowest months ever here in Indiana. It's just so cold and I get so depressed in the Winter. I bought those sunlight light bulbs and things and this year has been a bit better, so hopefully my 2016 pages will have more photos! Here are my February spreads. The individual pages are linked for full credits!

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Jasper is seriously the cutest ever right?! I can't handle how adorable he is! All of my kids are cuties. I am one super lucky mama! Also, we had watched Big Hero 6 and that is still one of my favorite Pixar movies!! All the feels!!!! I loved it so much and nee a Baymax of my very own!

I hope you like them! If you are on the fence about pocket scrapping or think it looks time consuming, it is so not! It is amazing and I am LOVING it! Never hesitate to hit me up if you need help or product recommendations or any questions about my process! I would be happy to help! I will see you soon!

Making a Template Your Own | Vol 1

Once upon a time, on my old digital scrapbooking site, I did a series of posts and tutorials about altering templates to fit your style. That blog is long gone though, so I decided I would start the series over again here! If you happened to see the old posts, a few of these might be repetitive or similar. Those posts cannot even be found though because I couldn't afford the domain and hosting when it went up and I lost everything. So sad. It was the last thing on my radar at that time, so I didn't get a chance to back up my posts. You live and learn I suppose.

I love love love working with templates when I am digital scrapbooking. I don't always because sometimes I like to start with a completely blank canvas. However, more often than not, a template is just what I need to jumpstart my page. In the olden days of digital scrapbooking, there were very few templates and template designers. The ones you had were very very basic. I never even thought much about them. Things have evolved though, and you can find a template designer for every single style of page you could imagine. Sometimes that is overwhelming or you don't know where to start. You'll be browsing galleries and see pages with templates that are fab but aren't quite "you". I am here to tell you that you can make ANY template work for your scrapbooking style..