Making a Template Your own | Vol 3

Hello everyone! I hope you are all having a great January so far! January is by far my least favorite month. It is so cold and dreary here in Indiana. I am trying my very hardest to stay positive and uplifting though!

As you know, I am going through tutorials on how to make a template your own and we are ready for Volume 3. In case you have forgotten, I am working with Circular Templates by Cornelia Designs.

One of the first things You will notice about the template I use (Top left corner) is that it has 3 circle photo spots. For some reason, I struggle with circle photos. The angle of my pictures makes them hard sometimes. There really is no reason or excuse. Sometimes I just don't like the photo placements, sizes or shapes on a template. 
The third tip I have for making a template your own is -- Don't feel like you have to use the photo placements, shapes and amounts as is! 

The photos and placements on a template are just a guide. You can use more or less than are on it!  Sometimes you need to add a few more. Other times you need to use a few less. When you are not using the photos and placements on a template, you can just clip fun papers or use elements or journal cards in their place. Sometimes you need a different shape. It could be anything! Just know that you can do WHATEVER YOU WANT to the photos and placements on a template. Here are the two mail things I did for my photos with this template:

My page so you can remember:

There might have been a few minor movements of the photos as well once the elements were in place. Just to make sure parts weren't hidden to much or what not. Absolutely do not feel like you have to use the photo spots just as they are. There are so many options with a template! I make a template fit my style, my photos and the kit I am using. I don't adjust everything else to fit the template.

Hopefully that opened up a whole new world of different templates you could use! Don't be thrown off by the photos! I'll see you next week for the last volume featuring this page! Then we can start over with a new page!! 

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