Making a Template Your Own | Vol 4

Today is the last day I will be talking about this one page. Are you all sick of seeing it yet?! I wanted to feature one page for the whole month, so that I could show you all how you really can take a template and change it so much! It didn't even take me a long time! The page came together in about 45 min. (not including photo editing). that's what I love about templates. They really do make my scrapbooking so much faster, even with a lot of modifications!

The templates in use were the Circular Templates by Cornelia Designs.

So, if you remember, I shrunk the cluster, rotated it, and modified the photo placements and sizes. Today I am going to talk about one of my most favorite parts of my scrapbook pages....the journaling. Just because a template lacks journaling (or has a lot!), doesn't mean you can't add it yourself (or take it off!).

As you can see in my finished page, I added a whole paragraph of journaling that wasn't on it to start with. Most templates don't have journaling the way I would put it, or enough. It is something I constantly adjust. A lot of times, I will place it depending on my background paper. I like to put it on diagonal stripes, in circles, way at the top or to the really depends A LOT on the background paper I used. If I am using a plain background paper with no pattern, I generally put it near my cluster. I will spend much more time talking about journaling placements and some creative ways of doing it in the future. I really wanted to show that no matter how it is on a template, you can adjust that! I add journal cards to bridge gaps in templates for journaling as well.

No matter your journaling style, definitely do not let it turn you off from a template because this is one of the easiest modifications you can make! It's as simple as making a text square wherever you would like it! It's possible you are using a lot of photos, or maybe one big one, and you would like those to speak for themselves. You can easily delete a text layer as well! Easy peasy!!

I so hope that the posts this month have been helpful!!! I know I talked a lot about just one page, and I hope that wasn't annoying! I really thought focusing on one page could show really how versatile a template could be! I will be back next week with a brand new page and a new tip or trick for you! It might or might not be template related, but it will be a tip of some kind! If you have anything in particular you would like for me to talk about, please shoot me a message and I will work on getting it posted! I will see you next time!  

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