Getting Ready for Project Life 2014 | V2: Step 1

Like I said in my last Getting Ready post, I am going to expand on my steps and show you how I have done them personally. Hopefully it will help you or encourage you or motivate you to get ready!

**Note: If you are going digi I can totally help you with that too!! Right now I am sharing my paper style getting ready, but if you want some digi recs I can give those out too!**

1. Get the supplies you need/want.

I have been slowly working on this for the last couple of months. I am el cheapo so I am always watching for deals to get supplies. Some of the best daily deal sites I have found are:
Also, be sure to check your favorite stores for awesome deals. Subscribing to their newsletters is the best way to stay up to date with promotions. Sign up for email updates for the store's blogs as well so you don't miss anything.

Facebook groups are awesome too. I am a member of a PL swap and shop group and I have gotten a few really good deals, but more awesomely, I have just swapped goodies I wasn't using for new ones! How fun is that?! If you are interested in joining that group let me know and I can add you to it (I think we would have to be friends for that to work so you can find my personal profile HERE)

Check local stores for coupons too! Michaels and Hobby Lobby sell the Project Life brand and other awesome brands and they almost always have coupons for 30-50% off. So if you just slowly work on building up your stash you can get the essentials so much cheaper by watching sales. If you have a smart phone you can download the Michales and Hobby Lobby apps to get coupons straight there so no printing required!

Before I show you what I have gotten for such crazy steals (or just swapped for!!) I wanted to share some of the monthly kit clubs. These are a wee bit pricey...but I think considering that you get elements, stamps and cards, it's worth it. Sometimes you can find a new subscriber deal too! I was able to get a Studio Calico PL subscription and get a free stamp grab bag worth over 30 dollars for free! Here are some of the Project Life specific clubs I have found!
So many! I think kit clubs are tons of fun because they help you to mix and match but still coordinate. I chose Studio Calico because the price was nice and I got those free stamps. Plus I really love the mix of cards in their kits. They coordinate so well but are fun and colorful and things. I personally really love all of them. Scraptastic looks especially awesome (they had one card in the Dec kit I really really needed..but I am going to try make my own. I just couldn't afford it.)

Ok! Now that that is out of the way! Here is what I have so far:

The Cinnamon Binder. I really liked the typography on it but I also loved that it was still neutral black and white. I got it crazy cheap at Meijer along with the Midnight Core and some other little card sets and pockets! When I say crazy cheap I mean crazy cheap. I paid about 40 bucks for the whole lot which is a steal! My sister actually went back and got me the Holidays mini kit because I had wished I had gotten it when we were out since it was only like $6 dollars or so. YAY for awesome sisters! The Project Life stuff was the reason I went out on Black Friday. 

Some stamps.  (I still need some inks. I have been researching which inks would be best because I want to be able to stamp onto my photos). I got most of these stamps for free from the stamp grab bag. Score!! (I feel like I still need some more..I would like some that coordinate with 5th and Frolic, Cut and Paste and Polka Dot Party). I also got a the amazing big pebbles roller from an awesome person in the swap group.

Some of the basics I already had like a paper trimmer and  pens and some washi's so I didn't need those at the moment thankfully! I do recommend having a paper trimmer, and if money is tight get a cheap one and upgrade later. That is totally what I did..though I haven't upgraded yet. :) I also recommend a corner rounder. I personally like for my photos to have rounded corners like the BH cores. I originally got a $4 dollar one from walmart and I did not notice any difference in the corners. I have upgraded to the BH brand one that I got in the swap group for $5. Also..I have quite a few pens that I like in my binder so I didn't need new ones of those luckily, though I am eyeing Frixion markers and pens.

And I am so so so excited because I swapped some of my first love, Olive, to get some 5th an Frolic. I LOVE it! I think it's the core that is the most "me" so it is the one I am going to use the most I think.

(Pic taken from web)

I know there are some of you who are traditional paper scrappers who have so much in your stash for your PL albums. I don't have a lot...but this all feels like a lot to me!! I just have a few little tidbits..I don't even really have any embellishments, which is why I am excited about the SC kit club so much!

When I subbed I got Blue Note. There are some things I won't use, but all in all I love it! Here is a pic that I myself took of the contents.

(Pic taken from the Studio Calico site)

Whew! That's a lot of shopping info! I hope that it helped you out though or maybe you found a new place to snag some goodies! <3 <3 

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