Inside My Personal Filofax Finsbury

One of things you guys may not know about me is my love of stationary and planners/journals. I LOVE them. I don't even want to count how many notebooks I have around the house that I won't use because I love them too much. There is something sad about using a notebook for the very first time for me. It's so bizarre, I know.

It's kind of the same with planners. I love to collect them, but hate using them. I have found that I need to though. My life isn't super busy or anything, but I tend to forget the little things we have planned and I like to take little notes about things. I have been searching and searching for planner peace. I still don't think I am there, but right now I am trying out the Filofax Finsbury and thought I would share my thoughts and set up.

Ok. I got the Finsbury in a trade. I traded my Pear Saffiano for it. When I first opened my package I was super excited. It is really nice leather and very soft and just feels nice. I thought it was going to be the PERFECT one to keep with me. So like my everything planner. It's lightweight too which is a huge plus! Some planners are quite heavy from the get go!

April Template Freebie

I cannot believe that it is April already! Crazy! This is my favorite time of year though! Everything is coming alive again after the cold Winter and it's soooo lovely!

This month's template is a photo-less journal centric template. I am trying to create a variety of templates for the freebies so there is something for everyone! I think that it would be super easy to slip in some photos for it though if you aren't wanting to go without a photo.