April Template Freebie

I cannot believe that it is April already! Crazy! This is my favorite time of year though! Everything is coming alive again after the cold Winter and it's soooo lovely!

This month's template is a photo-less journal centric template. I am trying to create a variety of templates for the freebies so there is something for everyone! I think that it would be super easy to slip in some photos for it though if you aren't wanting to go without a photo.

I based this after one of my favorite pages. I always feel a bit weird saying that. I am usually my own worst critic, but the page this is based after was special to me. It was used to document one of my most favorite worship songs.

If you aren't familiar with the song 10,000 Reasons you need to head to youtube and give it a listen! It's beautiful and perfect! 

Like always, enjoy and let me know if the downloads are not working properly! 

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