Which Organizer Do I Need?

Right now we currently have two organizers for sale. One is a regular size and it was the first one the hubs made for me because it fit the amount of cards that I had at that moment. But....I have a card buying problem. I totally admit. I love the Project Life cores!!! Like a lot. I will have to post my stash for you soon to see...but I have a couple more on the way... *whistling* The original does fit a lot of cards and it was absolutely perfect for all of the loose cards I had scattered about. It holds about 660 cards...which is more than the full regular PL cores.

Here is a picture with the regular Desk and Scrapbook organizer loaded with my Midnight Core. It is just put in there.

There is still an available slot here. Honestly, if you put a divider into that last space you could space the 3x4's a little more so they are easier to be flipping through. Then it will hold one core pretty perfectly. These are tight..but not so tight I couldn't get them in there obviously. [Side Note: As you can see I painted that one and we will offer painted versions soon. We are working on finding the best paint and methods first so they are just right for you! This was a test one and though it is good enough for me..it did have a few flaws so we aren't quite there yet. Soon I hope!]

Now...for someone like me....who has multiple full cores, quite a few mini kits and some lose split up cores, one organizer just wasn't enough if I wanted to have all the cards out. Or at least most of the cards out. So the Desk and Scrapbooking Organizer [Large] was invented. This one will hold about 2 full cores quite easily. Here it is holding Midnight and Honey .

It also has an available slot. I am going to be moving everything up a space and then putting some extras in the back. I like to organize by core and not by color like I have seen some people do. There wasn't a divider in the second row yet so I just put these all in there.

Also, one cool thing about my hubby, is that he can make pretty much anything you might personally need for your own goodies. Like this custom one we did for someone. She needed it longer and lots of space for 3x4 cards. So, if the above two organizers aren't quite right just shoot us a message and we can do something cool for you like this! This is holding four full cores and they fit beautifully and perfectly!! This is full of Olive, Midnight, Honey and Kraft. It also has a slight angle to it which makes it extra super awesome!

Pretty cool right?! We really can make it any size you need. This custom is long at 28 inches and the slots are a bit wider...but if you need one not as long but want more slots going back we can do that too! We are more than happy to work with you!

I hope that that helps a wee bit and shows you the sizes a bit more clearly. These would totally make awesome Christmas presents and right now we still should be able to get one done in time for the holidays!

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