Washi Tape Organizer!

I am super excited to share with you this awesome new washi tape organizer! I am running kind of low on tapes at the moment, but I was too excited t wait until I got more. My husband is awesome! I told him what I wanted and he made this and it's perfection! I could fit a lot of tapes on this one I think but I spaced them out to look more "full". Now I don't have to pull them out of the little box they had been in to use them! They are ready to go! The tapes that are on it are Smash Tapes by K&Co and some Heidi Swapp tapes and they fit really well. A smaller version for the people like me who like to buy the mini samples will be available soon too! I have a handful of little mini tapes I would like to have out as well. We hope you like this! 

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