Etsy Shop Now Open

We are super excited to say that we do have our Etsy shop open! It is currently housing one little product, but hopefully by the end of the weekend we will have a few more goodies to share with you!

I am beyond excited to offer this awesome little card organizer for sale to all my fellow crafters! I know that there are lots of other people like me who needed something just right to set on their desks for their loose Project Life cards. I have split cores with people, won some sets and bought bits of cores online so I had all these loose cards. I still have other cores in their boxes because I so love the trays that they come with...but that might change in the new year when I start actually having a system to my PL scrapping! 

For now, we are offering the rustic looking organizer, but by next Monday we will have some painted ones for sale and hopefully a few more things (like something for my washi's!)

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