25 Days of Christmas

Hey everyone! I am resurrecting this blog today to share with you our 25 days of Christmas activities! I figured it would be better to share early in case you want to create your own calendar and start planning your family activities! The things on the calendar are additional activities to the Anne Voskamp advent book...though I do agree with some reviews, that some of the stories are not completely accurate according the Bible, so I am on the fence about buying a new one (recommendations welcome!) or just looking at this as more of a story book with some good lessons thrown in.

So! Here is our December calendar and below it is a list of the days along with links if needed or wanted! Tuesday's are our family nights, so I put a movie down for each of those days.

Kit used is Christmas Cheer by Studio Flergs

Here is the list with all the links to the activities:

1. Christmas countdown paper chain and watch a Christmas movie.
2. Snowmen fingerprint paintings
3. Pipe cleaner bead ornaments
4. Christmas photo shoot with THESE props
5. Bake Christmas cookies (Each of the kids is going to pick out cookies to make so I don't have these done yet, but I will link up to recipes that we end up using!)
6. Popsicle stick snowflakes
7. Paper strip Christmas trees
8. Make Christmas crunch and watch a Christmas movie
9. Christmas perler beads
10. Ice cream cone Christmas trees
11. Homemade red and green playdough
12. Bake Christmas Cookies
13. Decorate paper plates
14. Make Christmas cards (the possiblities are endless here!! THESE look super cute!)
15. White chocolate popcorn and watch a Christmas movie
16. Thumbprint Christmas paintings (Will let the kids decide which they want to do or do them all)
17.  Coal rice krispy treats
18. Hot chocolate and a living room campout (I think we might try some fun hot chocolate!)
19. Bake Christmas cookies
20. Cinnamon ornaments
21. Paper snowflakes (hopefully the kids can do these! I remember making them when I Was young but my kids think they look hard...)
22. Peppermint popcorn and watch a Christmas movie
23. Write sweet notes to each other to put into stockings
24. Christmas light scavenger hunt

**Bonus idea in case they hate one of the ones for a day or it goes super quick or too hard**
Button wreaths

So! I hope that was helpful and gave you some ideas! I am so grateful for the awesome ideas my Facebook friends and family suggested! We don't do much for Christmas as we don't have hardly any family that celebrates Christmas, so I am excited to make this a special holiday season this year!!

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