Scrapbooking Through the Holiday Blues

This time of year is one that most people associate with joy and happiness and all things lovely and sweet. For a lot of people, me included, it isn't just joy and happiness all season. It has a big of melancholy and even just sadness for whatever reason. Sometimes it's missing a lost loved one. Sometimes it's just the hustle and bustle being overwhelming. Honestly, sometimes there is just no rhyme or reason to it, and it just is. Truth is, it doesn't matter why you feel down or depressed. Unfortunately life doesn't stop for us though. The kids still want to bake. Presents still need to be bought. The Christmas tree still needs put up and decorated. So much to do!

All of these things need done and when you're depressed, it's hard to do anything let alone scrapbook it. Most days feel full of things you wouldn't want to remember when you are depressed, so it's hard for sure. Here are some of my personal tips for functioning through those blue days and then documenting them.

  • Pick up the camera every day. For me, it's so hard to take pictures during the Winter. The light is so off. The weather is icky so it's no fun to take pics outside. When I'm depressed I don't even think of carrying my camera around. It's heavy and bulky and it feels like nothing is happening worth getting a picture of . However, things happen around you, even when you feel like doing nothing. Kids are still giggling and smiling. Hugs are still given. Memories are still made. My personal goal is to try to get pictures even on the days the depression has completely sucked me in. Plus, I always feel more inspired to create pages when I have fresh photos to use. Use the cell phone if you have to and if that's easier! 
  • Scrap about how hard it is. Your scrapbook pages do not have to always be sunshine and roses. You can scrapbook the icky stuff too! Didn't feel like getting dressed today? Scrap about that! Your scrapbook pages and albums are all about your life at that moment. If it's sad, you can talk about that. Then you get your life documented and it can also be really cathartic. 
  • Buy or get some fresh goodies. I would never condone spending over your budget or anything at all or encourage you to be wasteful. If you have tons and tons of product in your stash, maybe purge a bit before picking up anything new. I just know that when I am feeling discouraged or don't know where to start when it comes working on my pages or albums, sometimes some fresh new goodies really inspire me. If you can't afford any new goodies ask to do a swap with someone or ask for some for Christmas, or check yard sales groups or ebay. You can find lots and lots of discounted items that might be just what you need! 
  • Don't stress! If you don't feel like working on your albums or pages, that's ok!! You can come back to them later. Just keep taking pictures so you have the photos ready when you're ready. Maybe jot down some journaling or just random snippets about your day so you aren't wondering what is on your photos. Just go low key and low pressure. When you are hard on yourself it makes the depression so much worse! It's already a stressful time of year with so much going on. There is no need to put even more pressure on yourself over something that should be enjoyable. If it feels like a chore, then I would try going about it a different way. It's a creative process and however you approach it, you should enjoy it in my opinion.
  • Join some challenges. This might seem daunting when you are quite in the depths of those blues, but I have found it is worth a try! It is not the end of the world if you can't finish all of the challenge, or only do a few pages or even just one. There are no scrapbooking police thankfully! When you join in on challenges, there is usually a community surrounding them. Having people around you that are trying to do the same task is quite inspiring and encouraging. You can share tips and ideas and even just chit chat to encourage each other to continue on. I have made some of my most favorite pages ever during some dark times in my life simply by being inspired from challenges! 
Really, it's ok if you just plain aren't up for documenting your December quite yet. Just get out there. Make some memories. Hug your babies and loved ones. You can come back and document these moments later on. With all the other issues in the world, worrying about documenting your photos and creating albums should NOT be on that list. Also know, if you are suffering from depression or even just feeling a bit down this holiday season, you are absolutely not alone and it's ok to be sad. I'm thinking of you and sending you lots of love!! 

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