December Daily Page Ideas

If you are like me, some days in December you just don't do much. The weather is bad. The sun never comes out. Sick has settled in and you just do not want to pick up your camera. It's possible you are feeling blue (see my previous post about the holiday blues) so you just do not want to do or photograph anything. I have been working on a list of page ideas for just such a day to help you fill in gaps when you go to put your album together.

  • Play with your camera or phone and create a bokeh picture of your tree or of lights while out and about.
  • Take photos of Christmas Decor you have, or even a wishlist made out magazine clippings.
  • Use a portrait of one your kids and document their Christmas wishlist, or yourself or significant other.
  • Take a picture of a pet if you have one.
  • Step outside and document the current weather. Is it the same as every year? Different? 
  • Document a favorite Holiday treat. Even if you don't have a picture, just share a recipe from past or present that you love.
  • Snap a pic while out holiday shopping. Even a screen shot of an online shop would work! 
  • Share your favorite Starbucks or other treat from any restaurant.
  • Take a picture or download a picture of favorite Christmas music. You don't have to use a pic at all. Jot down a list of your favorites.
  • Same as above with Christmas movies. Document your favorite movies! 
  • Do a Christmas looking back page and document a favorite past memory...with or without photos.
  • Share any new traditions you would like to start.
  • Cut a piece of your wrapping paper for this year and add it in your album. A picture of your papers would be lovely too! 
  • What's on your Christmas Eve or Christmas Day menu? Share your list! 
  • Add your own Christmas cards you are sending out, or some that you have received.
  • Cut out any beautiful Christmas pictures in magazines that you find especially inspiring. 
  • Do an "Outfit of the Day" one day. It's always fun to look back at trends, and the weather can be so different from year to year in December. 
  • If you are feeling especially "Scrooge-y" feel free to just jot down your grumpiness! "Today I feel blah! hoping it passes quickly! Wanting to feel the magic that seems to be lacking". ANYTHING could work! 
I so hope that little list is helpful! Take pictures of the days you feel like you can or want to, and at the end I think it's totally ok to fill in gaps with random bits about the season. Some days are just hard!! You don't have to feel guilty about that. It's absolutely ok to miss a day or two and come back to it in any way you feel like you can! Just keep on living your stories the best that you can! 

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  1. If I had had this list before December, I may have actually done the December Daily project for the first time. Will definitely have to reference this for December 2016.


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